Monitor Your Performance

Learn more about how your company is performing online with SEO and Website Monitoring Tools from SYZMO.


Market Analysis

SYZMO makes it easy for you to analyze your market, your customers and your competitors.


Opportunity Scan

Find opportunities to help you attract more visitors and convert them into paying customers.


Action Plan

Build an action plan that propels your company to the top of search ranking results.

Design And Plan Growth With SYZMO

Use our tools to help you design a growth plan for your business online. Make decisions knowing what your competitors are doing and knowing what resonates with customers.

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Monitor Website Health

  • Title, Meta and Keyword Testing
  • Link Testing
  • Search Rank Testing and More!

Multiple Pricing Plans

We have several pricing plans for all budgets. Sign up for our Starter Plan to get a feel for SYZMO!


30 Days

  • Sitedoctor : 5/Month
  • Visitor analysis : 5
  • Website analysis : 5/Month

30 Days

  • Domain analysis : 5/Month
  • Ip analysis : 5/Month
  • Keyword analysis : 15/Month
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Link analysis : 15/Month
  • Rank & index analysis : 15/Month
  • Sitedoctor : 15/Month
  • Social network analysis : 15/Month
  • Visitor analysis : 15
  • Website analysis : 15/Month

30 Days

  • Code minifier : 50/Month
  • Domain analysis : 50/Month
  • Ip analysis : 50/Month
  • Keyword analysis : 50/Month
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Link analysis : 50/Month
  • Native API : 50/Month
  • Native widget
  • Plagiarism check : 50/Month
  • Rank & index analysis : 77/Month
  • Security tools : 50/Month
  • Sitedoctor : 50/Month
  • Social network analysis : 50/Month
  • URL Shortener : 50/Month
  • Utilities
  • Visitor analysis : 50
  • Website analysis : 50/Month

About The SYZMO Team

Our team members have designed marketing experiences for some of the world's largest brands, including Microsoft, General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet and Allergan. We leverage that experience to help you market your small business online.


Michele Morrison

Content Director


Michael McPherson

Creative Director


Sandy Pennino

General Director

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