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My Name is Szymon, I come from Poland, specializing in lifestyle photography based in Southampton. I have started documenting lifestyles since I jumped on a motorcycle. The motion and emotion these machines bring to our hearts are worth every word in a picture.

Photographing riders and their motorcycles promoted the idea of capturing the lifestyle in my style. Whilst documenting my friends and the riding community I was looking to capture the atmosphere instead of the bike itself. This has broadened my view on many aspects of photography to a point where I desire to fill the frame with the story I am telling.

Storytelling is a key aspect of my photography style. Your lifestyle events such as Weddings, Birthdays or Newborns are tales that I’m eager to capture.

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Szymon Szymanski

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I keep my photography style fresh yet classy for Wedding or Lifestyle shoots. Whether it is videos or photographs, there is a sweet spot for your story to combine with my art and skill set to shine and be kept in digital memories for times to come.

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